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Blaine Youth Lacrosse Association


Welcome to the official online home of Blaine Youth Lacrosse.  Here, you'll be able to get BYLA news, schedules, rosters, and much more!  Be sure to check back frequently for the latest information about Blaine Youth Lacrosse.

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"Why am I getting information about fundraising?"

BYLA Parents, Players and Fans -
Are you asking yourself, "Why am I getting information about fundraising?" 
The answer, BYLA is a non-profit organization, like most community sports programs, clubs and organizations in the area.  
PLEASE share the Fundraiser information with neighbors, family and friends, and join us at these events.
Thanks for your support - GO BENGALS
BYLA Board members

BYLA Anti Bully and Player Code of Conduct

The Blaine Youth Lacrosse Association has a zero tolerance for bullying and un-sportsman-like conduct. That zero tolerance policy extends to player behavior and attitudes toward teammates, coaches and players from other associations. We ask that you please take a minute to talk to your athlete about the policies and code of conduct with your child. If you find that your child experiences bullying please contact your coach and the BYLA board as soon as possible!

Starting with the 2017 Spring Season each registered player will be required to sign a player code of conduct. The code of conduct informs athletes that players who exhibit public displays of anger or who violate the anti-bully policy will face immediate disciplinary action that may include suspensions from all lacrosse related activities (practices and games) for a determined period of time.